Bali Signature Villas

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Bali Signature Villas.

Bali Signature Villas is a licensed company specialising exclusively in villa rentals, management, development and acquisitions. Our portfolio includes a collection of private villas on the island of Bali where privacy, style and service are what really make a perfect holiday break.

Bali Signature Villas is a locally owned and operated company renowned for its high level of professionalism and personal touch. We take the needs of our guests into careful consideration to ensure that every villa stay is one of pure pleasure. At the same time we work closely with villa owners so that their property is always well managed to remain profitable the whole year round.

With an office strategically located close to the airport on the By Pass in Tuban, Bali Signature Villas also offers extensive travel services and facilities. We are fully equipped to handle all ticketing and tour arrangements for our guests.


Melasti Ceremony

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Few days before Nyepi / Silent Day, you will see religious parade goes to the beach, lake or river complete with a Hindu’s symbol, such as “pretima, umbul-umbul, etc” followed by gamelan beleganjur (a set of Balinese gamelan).

Melasti Balinese Parade

Melasti Balinese Parade

The ceremony usually done three days before Nyepi day. But also regarding to the result of gathering (paruman) between Pemangku (ceremonial leader) and Bendesa Adat (village functionary ) or regarding to custom village rules (awig-awig).

Melasti Occasion

Melasti Occasion

Melasti also known as Mekiyis that aims to re cleanse Pretima (symbol the place of God) and other related tools used in Hindus ceremonies to keep it sacred and holy.  Hindus choosing Beach, Lake or Spring to do the ceremony.



If we look at Balinese balance concept “Tri Hita Karana” (the relationship between human to God, human to human, and human to their environs) this ceremony is related to human and God relationship.

At Nyepi Day, Balinese will stop their activity, stop exploring natural resources, stop making pollution, let the environs back to a normal state.

One day after is called Ngembak Geni. At this day, Balinese visit their kin, family, friends, to keep their relationship.



The occasions of Melasti, Nyepi and Ngembak Geni is implementation of Balinese concept “Tri Hita Karana”.

A Unique Balinese Ceremonial, Galungan Kuningan and Nyepi Days

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In this month, we are Balinese working harder. We have the three big ceremony on this month (March 2009). There are Galungan Day and Kuningan Day, and Nyepi Day (Silent Day) among them.

  1. Galungan Day occurs on Wednesday 18th March 2009.
    Galungan occurring every 6 months of Balinese Calendar called pawukon (wuku). A months consist of 35 days. Its mean Galungan occurring every 210 days. Galungan Day is celebrating the winner “Dharma”(The Truth) from “Adharma”(Wrongness). The special sign of Galungan celebration is Penjor, a long decorated bamboo pole is set at entrance of the house. The Penjor is not decorations, but it is a symbol of prosperity or wellness. Before Galungan day, Balinese are also doing many occasion. Such, Sugian Bali, Sugian Jawa, Penyajan Galungan, and Penampahan Galungan. And after Galungan is called Umanis Galungan.

    Galungan Day

    Galungan Day

  2. Nyepi Day / Silent Day occurs on Thursday 26th March 2009.
    Nyepi Day is Bali’s Lunar New Year. Different with another New Year celebration, Nyepi celebrate without any special event or activity, but with Silent. No entertainment, no pleasure, and for many peoples they are not eat or even talking at all (called “monobrata”). For non Hindhu’s are also not allowed to make a noise or traveling.
  3. Kuningan Day occurs on Saturday 28th March 2009.
    Kuningan day occurs 10 days after Galungan day. Balinese pray for the universe, wishing wellness and prosperity. The day after Kuningan day called Umanis Kuningan.
Kuningan Day

Kuningan Day

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